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    • theDiarrhea Patch

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      100% Natural ingredients,no side effect

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      Relive various of pains on your body

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    Baby Diarrhea Patch

    Baby Diarrhea Patch

    Diarrhea patch’s structure and properties of main tech far is infrared ceramic material, By topical applicator, point application.Use of far infrared powder....

    Foot Warmer Pad

    Foot Warmer Pad

    Self-heating&disposable;easy to use;friendly environment;last for 12hours;keep warm,relive pains, relax the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation, suitable for rheumatic,muscular fatigues,arthritis,etc...

    Golden Detox Foot Pat

    Golden Detox Foot Pat

    Detox foot patch has 100% natural ingredients, the Bamboo vinegar can remove the harmful toxins from your body, enhance the blood circulation, improve your sleep and keep slim without any side effect....

    Slimming Patch 7x9cm

    Slimming Patch 7x9cm

    Slim Patch is 100% natural herbal, it works truly extraordinary. When patch is placed on skin, This increases metabolism and activates fat burning mechanisms...

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    Health care starts with the baby -- fever cooling patch

    2018-07-21 17:34:45

    Children tend to develop fevers more easily than adults. This comes mostly from having a relatively undeveloped immune system which makes them more vulnerable to various infections (the most common cause of fevers). Fever cooling patch is d...

    Learn more about back pain patches from Kongdy

    2018-07-05 17:39:42

    Kangdi pain relief patches contain two active ingredients, levomenthol and methyl salicylate, which is a derivative of salicylic acid.?...

    Kongdy made best quality care baby diarrhea patch

    2018-06-29 17:37:07

    This baby diarrhea patch product is a black smooth round paste ,no smell ,don’t need to heat before use and do not pollute the skin. It is of strong permeability, rapid absorption, long-lasting , safe and convenient features. ...

    What should we notice when use Diarrhea Patch?

    2018-06-22 17:57:25

    How to deal with while baby have such diarrhea situation?take medicine?no,not good for little baby,transfusion?No,side effect for the small body.but parents don’t worry,you can choose Baby diarrhea patch....

    Do you understand diarrhea patch market?

    2018-06-14 18:19:23

    There are many diarrhea patches wholesaler in the market, why so much people choose Henan Kangdi? The successful profit partners more than 10000 company all over the world,there are no company can be compered with this scale....

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    We have professional engineers and workers in the R&D department.



    We have professional engineers and workers in the R&D department....



    We have professional engineers and workers in the R&D department....



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